Following this past Sunday’s season premiere, CBS hit us with 2 full hours of its hit brand new show. Though the show can seem dopey and staged at times, it really is a ton of fun and the creativity of these contestants is astounding. Tonight we met three more new teams and continued the stories of the two left over from last episode. Let’s get into what happened this week.

When we last left David and Emiley they were escaping David’s friend Brad’s house in the trunk of his car. They manage to get by without any suspicion and make it to another friend’s house. At this point they are in the wind and the command center is frustrated. They look for rental cars in David and Emiley’s names and find one with David’s name on it. They realize it has GPS and chase it all the way to an Enterprise in downtown Atlanta. When the hunters get to the rental car place they realize David had set up a diversion through a friend and leave even more frustrated. We then learn David and Emiley are actually in Alabama now hoping to make use of Emiley’s family. They get lost and have to use a burner phone to contact Emiley’s mom and find out where they are going. They eventually find their destination though.

The first thing the command center tries is breaking into David’s Gmail account which they successfully do, but nothing comes of it. The hunters then realize from the calendar that they are probably in Alabama so they send teams to addresses of Emiley’s friends and family to stake out. They even go to interview Emiley’s parents. From the interview they feel that Emiley has been in contact with her family. David asks Emiley’s friend if he’s seen anything suspicious and he says he has seen two black SUVs. So they realize they have been compromised and decide to ditch the phone and trek through the woods to meet up with another friend. Their friend is not at the meet up point and don’t know what to do when they hear what they think is a drone so they start running and find their friend waiting.

The other team from last episode was Angela and Michele. The hunters and command center have nothing on them and they have been on the run for a week. They decide to go interview Angela’s daughter and that’s where they get their big break. Angela and Michele have a third friend in their BFF circle. The hunter team heads to that friend’s house and interview a neighbor across the street. He agrees to let them set up a camera on the friend’s house and to be their informant. This pays off as Angela and Michele have one of Michele’s husband’s trucks drive them to meet up with their friend. When they arrive at their friend’s house the informant rats on them and the command center kicks into high gear. They tap the friend’s phone and find out that they are headed to another friend’s salon. The hunter team arrives at the salon and catches them trying to leave thus ending this team’s journey.

The first new team we meet is family man Lee “The Wolf” Wilson and his best friend Hilmar Skagfield. Lee feels that he has a huge advantage because he creates escape rooms for a living. They take time to scrub their devices and set up a welcome message for the hunter team that scours Hilmar’s appointment. They leave their wiped phones without sim cards, a bottle of liquor with two glasses and a note for the team that reads “See you in 28 days” and is signed “The Wolves”. This really pisses off the hunters. From there the team goes to distant friend of Hilmar’s where they set up a new google account with a randomized letters and numbers for the email address. They send a letter to many of their friends and family with instructions how to sign into the account and leave a draft in the drafts folder to communicate. They reach another destination and find out that their plan worked as there are plenty of responses in the folder.

Unbeknownst to them the command center sent out what’s a mail cover for the people in their inner circle. The mail service photographs every piece of mail that comes through so they get those photos and realize that a few letters have been sent from the same address that look like they were written by the same person. From there they contact Lee’s wife, Beth, who does not give up anything, but stammers a lot and confirms the hunters suspicions.  Later on Lee and Hilmar are getting a ride from one of Hilmar’s friends when they use the friend’s phone to call Beth who tells them one of the hunter’s name and that they know about the letter. This leaves both Lee and Hilmar visibly shaken and worried they just burned half of their contacts because the command center could have all of the ones in the Gmail account.

The next team we meet is married couple Troy and Chele who own an air soft business. Their plan is to go off the grid for a little while first so they dump their car at their business and have Chele’s uncle pick them up to drive them to a nearby park. The command center quickly finds out that they own the business and dispatches a team to scout it out. Their a team made up of Jermaine Finks and Chad Light interviews the guy running the shop. The guy is good and does not give up anything, but they can tell he has a way to contact them if necessary. From there they look at a map and realize that there is park land with trails that they feel could easily be used to hide out in for a long time. This is exactly what Troy and Chele do for just over two full weeks. They keep moving from spot to spot and camp out. This frustrates the command center and hunters because there is such a large area to cover and they have no idea where to start. Jermaine and Chad do some roaming, but nothing turns up.

The command center decides to try a new tactic and they hack into both Troy and Chele’s Facebook accounts to post a wanted poster. They figure this will turn up new contacts that they had not found before. At one point though it becomes too much for them and they head for civilization. There they get to a park and ask some strangers to use a phone. The guy is rather creepy and mentions the movie Deliverance for seemingly no reason. They contact Chele’s childhood friend Amanda who mentions the Facebook post. This really stresses the two of them out and worries them that the two strangers will rat on them. Eventually Amanda shows up and they reach the safety of her house. From the Facebook post the command center pinpoints Amanda’s comments as ones seeming like they have information behind them, but is trying to hide it. They send Chad and Jermaine to make contact with Amanda. They decide to pose as part of the game and be a special team that is sent to help them. Chad and Jermaine get to Amanda’s and find a “No Trespassing” sign so they decide to call her and try to explain the situation. While they are talking Amanda seems defensive and eventually agrees to meet them at the gate. In between though Chad and Jermaine see her running into the house and that makes them suspicious.

Amanda runs into the house to tell Troy and Chele who panic and decide to pack up and get out as quickly as possible. Amanda goes out to meet the hunters and does a pretty good job of pretending to be clueless. Inside Troy and Chele talk with Amanda’s husband who tells them that the people called Amanda and that really sets off Troy’s paranoia meter. They decide to slip out the back and head into a field to hide out until enough time has passed. Jermaine and Chad decide not storm the house in case their ruse worked and the fugitives are not inside. As they canvas the area to find an insertion point for they see Amanda’s husband on an ATV who had gone out to warn Troy and Chele. They notice him talking to them and turn around and catch Troy and Chele. Their adventure ends after 18 days.

The final team we meet is Aarif and Immad a pair of friends. They try to delete all relevant messages and gather all materials necessary. They get a ride from a very distant friend named Meadow. Their idea was to use this woman who they only met once to cut down on the links between them all. They want to use her network of friends to get out of sight. They also install encryption apps on their phones that reroute their phone signals through multiple European countries. After changing cars a few times, they eventually reach Meadow’s friend Jill who runs a farm. They are hoping to use the farm as a safe house. Jill will let them stay in the barn in exchange for work. The command center starts with their Pakistani background because they have an analyst with Pakistani background as well. She points out that they are on the run during Ramadan so they may be fasting and might even attend a mosque for food and shelter. The team though says that they are too smart to do that and dismiss the idea. The team then moves on to Aarif’s computer and cyber analyst Charles DeBarber finds text messages that Aarif thought he deleted. They find out their contact with Meadow and find another phone they told someone to call in an emergency. Back at the farm Jill gets a call from Meadow saying she was followed and that they should move on to the next location. Aarif and Immad are stunned.

That is the wrap on all the story lines from tonight’s episode. Two more teams are down and that means there are six still on the run. We still have not met three of them, so hopefully we will meet them next week. This show continues to be intriguing and fun. Some of the stuff that happened tonight sure seemed rather silly, but that is what makes it fun. I personally cannot wait for next week.

Hunted airs every Wednesday at 8 pm (ET) on CBS