Another big week in movie news! Here are the highlights!

Star Wars Episode 8 Title Revealed!

After months of speculation we finally have title for the next movie in the Star Wars saga! Director Rian Johnson and the official Star Wars website revealed the title to be The Last Jedi. The film will pick up where the The Force Awakens left and will star Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong’o, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Gwendoline Christie, Andy Serkis and the late Carrie Fisher. They’ll be joined by newcomers Benicio Del Toro, Laura Dern and Kelly Marie Tran. Personally I love this title. It sets up a darker tone for the next movie and logo, featured above, just adds to that atmosphere with the red font. The title also is convincingly vague as to not let on any plot details. Who is the last jedi? Is it Luke? Rey? Both of them because jedi can be plural as well as singular? We will just have to wait and find out on December 15th when the movie hits theaters.

James Cameron coming back to Terminator?

According to Deadline Jame Cameron will be “godfathering” a new Terminator movie when he gets the rights back in 2019. The site also says that VFX genius and Deadpool director Tim Miller is in early talks to direct. The report also mentions that Cameron considers it a “reboot and conclusion of one of cinema’s greatest science fiction tales”. How a movie can both reboot and conclude a franchise is beyond my grasp, but if anyone can accomplish this, its James Cameron. Still I am skeptical that this will ever come to fruition as Cameron has been and will be preoccupied with his millions of planned Avatar sequels. Let’s just say I will believe this when the cameras start rolling.

Godzilla 2 gets a director

A couple of months after being hired to head the Godzilla writers room, Michael Dougherty has a officially been hired to direct the sequel to Gareth Edward’s 2014 mega hit according to Variety. Dougherty, best know for directing small budget horror films Krampus and Trick ‘r Treat, is an interesting pick. Trick ‘r Treat was critically acclaimed, but Krampus was a flop with both critics and audiences. Dougherty’s horror sensibilities could really do well in the kaiju genre, but there really is not much faith in him at the moment. We will see how it all plays out when the film hits theaters on March 22, 2019.

Predator Reboot fills out its cast

The Hollywood Reporter broke two stories this week concerning the cast of Shane Black’s The Predator reboot. Already boasting an impressive cast of underappreciated actors, THR is reporting that former The Punisher start Thomas Jane and wonder kid star of Room Jacob Tremblay will join Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Keegan-Michael Key, Sterling K. Brown and Trevante Rhodes in the film. There are no details as of right now on Jane’s role, but Tremblay is said to be playing the son of Holbrook’s character. Holbrook plays an ex-Marine who discovers the existence of fierce aliens but finds that no one believes they exist. Overall there seems to be little excitement at the prospect of this movie, but Shane Black is one of the most exciting writer/directors working today and that gives me hope. Plus I love this cast so far. The movie is scheduled for release February 9, 2018.

The Flash heads back to square one

DC’s in development movie about The Flash is starting from square one as Variety reports that Warner Bros has hired screenwriter Joby Harold to do a page one rewrite on the project. This means that he will be rewriting the script from the top and not just touching up an existing script. This is not a good sign for DC’s struggling cinematic universe and leaves me wondering what is going on behind the scenes there. They have already lost two directors on this film, including talented up and comer Rick Famuyiwa, and this does not bode well for the project. Harold has only three credits to his name, 2007’s Awake which was a critical failure, the yet to be released Guy Ritchie movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword which has had its own issues and also a yet to be released remake of Robin Hood starring Taron Egerton. None of these projects give me confidence in him going forward and we will see if this movie even makes its supposed release date of July 27, 2018. Most likely it will be moved.

Black Panther starts shooting and cast confirmed

Marvel officially announced to start of production on its highly anticipated new superhero movie Black Panther. Today they released a statement that told us the movie will be shot in Atlanta and South Korea, while also giving us the full cast and a first synopsis. Chadwick Boseman returns as T’Challa the titular Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Daniel Kaluuya, Angela Bassett, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Florence Kasumba and Sterling K. Brown. Also Andy Serkis will return reprising his role of the villainous Ulysses Klaue from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Martin Freeman will reprise his role of Everett Ross and John Kani will reprise the role of T’Chaka, the father of T’Challa. I am super excited for this movie. This cast is amazing and director Ryan Coogler is one of the most exciting directors working today. Black Panther will be released on February 16, 2018 and the synopsis is as follows:

“Black Panther” follows T’Challa who, after the events of “Captain America: Civil War,” returns home to the isolated, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to take his place as King. However, when an old enemy reappears on the radar, T’Challa’s mettle as King and Black Panther is tested when he is drawn into a conflict that puts the entire fate of Wakanda and the world at risk.

That’s it for this week’s big stories. See you next Friday with another update!