From Cinema to Survivor

And Everything In-Between


Hello new reader! My name is Zachary Peters and I am the creator of this new blog. Over the past year I have found inspiration to start writing about my opinions on various forms of entertainment media. Consuming all forms of entertainment has always been a hobby of mine and I finally decided it was time to share my opinions with the world. I hope this will become a go to place for you to read about anything and everything going on in the world of movies and television. I plan to write short reviews of the movies I see both current and past. I also hope to give my opinions on the big news stories of the week as well. Finally, I plan to write reviews of the television series I watch with a special focus on the reality show Survivor because that is where this passion all started. This is all very new for me and I hope you will hang on while I figure this out. I hope you find my insights entertaining and helpful. Enjoy!