There was a lot going on this week, which led to same riveting moments! Things are really coming together and I am still so hyped! Let’s break it down.


We finally got the encounter that many of us have been waiting for years for and boy did it live up to my expectations. Jon and Davos arrive at Dragonstone to a greeting party that includes Tyrion, Missandei and a bevy of Dothraki soldiers. They take their weapons away, why also curiously carrying off their boat. Tyrion and Jon exchange pleasantries as they make their way up to the castle when Jon and Davos are startled by one of the dragons. Tyrion says that they will get used to it. Once at the main hall we get the big meeting we have all been waiting for. Dany once again asks Jon to bend the knee and help her fight Cersei, but Jon refuses saying he has to do what’s best for his people and that means focusing on the North and the impending arrival of the Night King. The encounter really has no resolution as Varys interrupts to let Dany know that the Greyjoys have been attacked. I loved everything about this scene. The way they threw history at each other and listed off achievements. Its crazy how they did not realize how similar they are and that they are both doing what they feel is right for their people. I did think it was interesting that Davos stopped at revealing that Jon came back from the dead as I feel like that would be a huge selling point. Jon must have his reasons though and I trust him because he has only made a few bad calls.

I also loved the conversations Tyrion had separately with both Jon and Dany. Him saying he believed Jon about these mystical beings is huge because Tyrion is such a skeptic and the fact that he was able to have them work together is great. This should the beginning to a fruitful relationship. Peter Dinklage really was at his best last night and I love whenever he is on the screen. Seeing how this dragon glass exchange works and what Dany will do when she finds out her second loss will be interesting though. Maybe she will go at Jon once again but harder and they may be able to find some common ground.

We also cannot gloss over the short conversation that Varys has with Melisandre. Melisandre says that she has done her job and that she is going to go back to Volantis. Varys agrees that is best and tells her it would be better off if she did not come back, but she tells him that she will be back because she must die in this country and so will you. Varys looks visibly shaken and that really takes a lot. Its a quick comment but one that leaves many intriguing possibilities. Another aside is that Theon was pulled from the ocean by another ship of Iron Islanders who are not happy that he bailed on his sister. The captain remarks that if he tried to save his sister he would not be there so therefore he did not really try. Poor Theon cannot catch a break.

King’s Landing

Euron arrives in King’s Landing bearing his gifts and receives much adulation. He seems to relish every bit of it as he grins widely and takes it all in. He presents his gifts to Cersei and asks for his reward. She tells him that he is officially the captain of all naval forces for Westeros under her command and that he will get his full reward (her), when the war is won. My favorite part of this scene is Euron wasting no time taunting Jaime again. Seeing him taunt Jaime about his incestuous relationship with Cersei in a way that Jaime cannot respond is kind of glorious and thought he is an evil son of a bitch, I love this side of Euron. By the way has anyone else noticed how they basically have turned Cersei into a more eloquent Trump? She is constantly harping on nationalism and the need to protect the country from foreign invaders in order to keep people on her side. Its quite interesting.

Later on Cersei gets to enact her punishment on Ellaria as she has her and Tyene chained and gagged in one of the dungeons. She berates Ellaria for taking away her only daughter and tells her all of the ways she thought of making her pay. It is interesting to see Cersei show a little emotion toward her children for the first time since Tommen died and shows there is still a sliver of a human inside of her, but between this next move and what she has done in the past she really is becoming the Mad Queen.  She eventually reveals that Qyburn figured out what poison Ellaria used on Myrcella and that she will just recreate Myrcella’s death on Tyene as she kisses the only living Sand Snake to let the poison take effect. Now Ellaria must watch her daughter die. Cersei really is one evil monarch.

That night she and Jaime sleep together again and in the morning when someone knocks on the door Jaime says not to answer it because they cannot be seen together like this. Cersei says she is queen and that it does not matter so she answers anyways and finds out she has a visitor from Braavos. It is the representative from the Iron Bank, Tycho Nestoris who is looking for payments on debts owed by the crown. Nestoris threatens to put the Iron Banks funds behind Daenerys until Cersei twists him around by mentioning how Dany crashed slave markets and how she is more a revolutionary than a monarch. She convinces Nestoris that the Lannisters are a more stable option and that he will have his money in a fortnight. With the Iron Bank behind her and two major victories in her pocket, Cersei is looking quite unstoppable at the moment.


Back at Winterfell, Sansa has taken to leadership naturally. She notices every little thing and really seems to have a knack for making sure things get done as they are supposed to. I love that they have taken this turn for Sansa’s character, to see her in charge of her own destiny is great and I love that she is finally coming into her own. Eventually Littlefinger stops her and warns her to not forget about Cersei to the south. He lets her in on his mindset and how he is prepared for everything. He tells her:

“Don’t fight in the North, or the South. Fight every battle, everywhere, always in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend, every possible series of events is happening all at once. Live that way and nothing will surprise you. Everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before.”

Now many have dismissed this as incoherent ramblings of a borderline psychopath, but if you really parse this you get some great insight into why Baelish is one of the smartest characters on this show. He imagines every single possibility and every single thing that could happen in every situation. That way he always knows the right move and what to do. It is great advice and he is really trying to help Sansa be a better leader.

Their conversation is interrupted by a guard calling Sansa to the main gate. Their she finds Meera Reed and Bran. Its an emotional reunion and a welcome one. The two of there share a moment in the weirwood as Sansa proclaims Bran the rightful lord of Winterfell because he is Ned’s last true born son, but Bran says he cannot be because he is the Three Eyed Raven now. Sansa asks what that means and Bran says its complicated. He eventually describes it as being able to see everything and proves it by telling Sansa details of her wedding night to Ramsey. Sansa obviously gets freaked out and heads back to the castle. Obviously not the best choice on Bran’s part to prove his powers, but it was an intensely personal moment that was only known to Theon, Ramsey and Sansa so it is good proof. Bran is acting really weird here, but wouldn’t you be emotionally distant if you could see everything in the past, present and future? It’s quite the burden.


We check back in at the Citadel where Archmaester Ebrose is checking Jorah’s infection where the greyscale used to be. The skin is puffy and red, but the infection appears to be gone. Jorah refuses the throw Sam under the bus and says it must have been the climate that cured him, but the Archmaester knows what happened. Sam asks Jorah where he will go and predictably the knight known in many internet circles as “Captain Friend Zone” will be heading back to his love Dany. In a neat character moment Sam shakes Jorah’s hand showing that Sam is no longer afraid of things that could hurt him.

Later on Ebrose sort of chastises Sam for performing the greyscale procedure despite being forbidden, but is also impressed that he was able to pull it off. Ebrose mentions that many high ranking healers within the maester society could not pull it off. He rewards Sam by not expelling him and has him copy old scrolls that are rotting away. It’s nice to see Sam get a win for once and hopefully he gets more as the series comes to a close.

Casterly Rock

Though our visit to Casterly Rock is short, the scene is impressive none the less. We get narration from Tyrion who describes how the Lannisters will be ready for the Unsullied when they arrive. He describes what would happen if they tried a head on assault and mentions many would die as the walls of Casterly Rock are impenetrable. Tyrion knows a way in though, because when Tywin was redoing the giant castle he put Tyrion in charge of making the sewers. Tyrion, being the sex crazed man that he is, made secret tunnels so that he could get prostitutes in and out without them being seen by the elder Lannister. Grey Worm and the Unsullied use this to sneak into Casterly Rock and open up the front gate letting all of the soldiers in. The Unsullied win easily, but Grey Worm then realizes there were too few soldiers. He looks out to the sea to watch Euron and his fleet burn some of Dany’s last remaining ships.


Meanwhile, Jaime has used Robb Stark’s old maneuver of attacking the enemy where they are not as he takes the Lannister and Reach armies, lead by Randyll Tarly, to attack and take Highgarden. We also get a quick Bronn sighting which is super disappointing because how can you show us Bronn and not have him speak! Anyways, enemy easily take the castle as Jaime goes to confront the last remaining Tyrell in the Queen of Thorns herself, Lady Olenna. They have a short conversation where Olenna’s sharp wit destroys Jaime in one way after another. He makes a remark about learning from his failures and she burns him by saying there must have been many. (Side note: Jaime is really getting shit on from all sides this season. First Euron and now Olenna, he has had a rough go of it in the war of words.) Eventually Jaime gets to the point in that he convinced Cersei to let Olenna die peacefully and painlessly through drinking a poison in wine. Olenna gets off one last barb as she tells Jaime that it was her who killed Joffrey and tells him to make sure Cersei knows that. Jaime looks visibly shaken and storms off before she dies. This is just the final example of Olenna being the ultimate badass. I am really going to miss her as she was always the best part of any scene she was in. I am glad the writers wrote her death this way though as she got a win, even in death. *UPDATE* There is a huge implication that I missed in this week’s episode until I read it online. By Olenna admitting to killing Joffrey, Jaime now knows that it was not Tyrion and that Cersei put all of them through that for nothing. At his heart Jaime loves Tyrion so by creating that situation she drove Tyrion to killing their father as well. This could have huge implications on how he views Cersei going forward. Just wanted to share this because it really means a lot going forward

Well that’s it for this week’s recap. What a week for sure! Dany really has been taking a lot of L’s lately, but I think she is going to hit back in a big way soon. I hope we see more of the Hound next week as we have not seen him since episode 1. Also more Arya and hopefully Bran making an effort to let Jon know about his parentage. Only 4 more episodes left of the season! Make sure you comment below with your thoughts on this episode! Also don’t forget to share this around with your friends! Until next time, valar morghulis.