First I want to get something out of the way. I am seeing a lot of people online complaining about the first two episodes of this season saying that nothing happened and that they were expecting more. I can honestly say I am baffled by this sentiment. So much has happened on every level. Things are finally coming together and now you are bored? Do you not get character development or story building? You cannot just take what is at a surface level and have to look deeper to realize this season has been huge so far. Alright rant over, let’s dive into this thing.


Let’s start off where a lot of the action happened this episode. It’s a rainy day and Tyrion/Varys are talking about Daenerys was born on a day like this and that is how she got the name Daenerys Stormborn. They talk game plan and we are reminded that the Tyrells and Dornish are on her side thanks to Varys. Dany is a bit concerned with Varys though as he has a habit of being sneaky and switching leaders whenever it suits him best. Varys argues that the realm deserves a servant like him who does not blindly swear loyalty and actually watches out for their best interests. He says that he serves the people and not the ruler. She asks him to swear to her that he will tell her if she is failing instead of switching sides to serve someone else and he agrees. She then swears that if he ever betrays her then she will burn him alive. I love this conversation because it shows that people can get along for the greater good in Westeros and not just follow the old ways of loyalty. It is also why I love Varys so much, he worked for what he has and he is not going to throw that away so easily.

They then find out that Melisandre is there to have a meeting  with Dany. The Dragon Queen is willing to meet with her because the Red Priests were very helpful in keeping Mereen in check. Dany is kind of mad that she once served Stannis, but says she is in a pardoning mood today and gives Varys a look. Melisandre tells Dany about Azor Ahai or “the prince who was promised”, but it is here we get a huge reveal in that the Valyrian word for prince is genderless so that could mean man or woman. Melisandre then tells Dany of Jon Snow and how she believes they both a role to play in the wars to come. She tells to Dany to summon Jon and talk to him. After consulting with Tyrion who vouches for Jon’s character Dany tells them to summon him and ask him to bend the knee.

Later Dany’s whole council is gathered around the painted table discussing plans. Yara says they have the fire power to hit King’s Landing now and Ellaria agrees. Tyrion says if they go in recklessly the dragons will kill many innocent people and he does not want that. He even throws a little shade at Ellaria for killing Myrcella who was innocent. Olenna chimes in that people will not obey without fear, but Tyrion has other plans. He wants to use the Dornish and Tyrell armies to lay siege to King’s Landing and starve them out. He wants to use those armies along with Yara’s ships because if they use Dothraki or Unullied then Cersei can appeal to people’s patriotism and he does not want that.  Meanwhile the Unsullied will attack Casterly Rock cutting off the main seat of Lannister power. Dany tells her bloodthirsty allies to not worry and that Cersei will pay for what she has done. After everyone leaves Dany has a private word with Olenna who says peace is not possible and never will be. She says that every leader since her father has been a sheep, but that she is a dragon. Olenna wants her to be that dragon. I honestly have no idea what she is implying or what that means, but it should be watching how that will play out.

That night, before the Unsullied set sail the next day, Missandei goes to visit Grey Worm. She asks him if he was going to say good bye and Grey Worm says it is hard for him to say good bye. He then tells her about how when he was training to become Unsullied the masters made everyone confront their fears, but he never had any. He had no weaknesses until he met her. To him she is his weakness and that scares him. They eventually kiss and then take the next step in their relationship. In a huge moment for Grey Worm he lets Missandei undress him and see all of him. This is honestly my favorite love story in the series at the moment. These are two people with very different backgrounds and who each have their own scars. Grey Worm has only ever known being an Unsullied soldier so things like this frighten him. To see him overcome those fears is beautiful. I can’t help but feel they are setting us up for heartbreak though and that is going to be heart wrenching.


In Winterfell Jon, Sansa and Davos are reading Tyrion’s note and debating it. Sansa is worried that it is not really from Tyrion and that it might be a trap until Jon points out a line in the note that is from when they first met. Sansa is willing to trust him because he was kind to her in King’s Landing, but they are having a hard time believing they can trust a Targaryen. Sansa thinks it is pretty dangerous to go visit Dany, but Davos points out that fire kills wights and that Dany says she has three dragons.

Sam’s raven finally gets to Winterfell and Jon learns about the mountain of dragon glass. He calls a meeting of the lords of the north and tells them of Sam’s raven as well as the one from Tyrion/Dany. He says he is going to accept the meeting with Dany because they need the dragon glass for weapons and they need more allies. Sansa pushes back saying that they cannot trust a Targaryen. Yohn Royce agrees and says Lannisters are not to be trusted either. The lords really want him to stay in the north and this includes the usual game for anything Lyanna Mormont. Jon says he is going and Sansa says that he is abandoning them. Jon says he is not because he is leaving the North in capable hands, hers. Sansa looks stunned. As much as I like the new badass Sansa I really do not like how she is vocally in public spaces pushing back against everything Jon does. Jon has been right on all of this and to me it makes her look bad. I am happy that she is in charge though and think she could do good things.

As Jon prepares to leave he visits the statue of his father. Baelish visits him in the crypt and says how he brought the bones here himself. Jon says he does not belong here and Baelish mentions that they have not had a chance to talk and he wanted to talk to him. Jon says there is nothing to say. Baelish then makes the mistake of mentioning that he loves Sansa like he loved her mother so Jon starts choking him. He tells Baelish that if he ever lays a finger on his sister then he will kill him. As much as I respect Baelish as game player in this Game of Thrones, he is a bit of a creep and it was good seeing Jon put him in his place.

King’s Landing

At the Red Keep Cersei has called the lords of the Reach to court to try and sway them away from fighting for the Tyrells against her. She appeals to their basest of instincts of fighting for country against lawless invaders like the Dothraki and the Unsullied. One of the lords in attendance is Sam’s father, Lord Randyll Tarly and his son Dickon. Randyll is worried about Dany’s dragons. Cersei’s newly minted hand of the queen Qyburn says they are working on a solution for that at the moment. After the meeting Jaime meets with Randyll about joining up with his army. He wants Randyll to be his second in command because all of the other families will follow him. Randyll will not budge though and says that he swore an oath to the Tyrells and that he is not going to be the first one to break it. Jaime tries to tempt him with becoming the Warden of the South when all is said and done, but he still does not budge. This is huge because the Lannisters are light on allies at this point and losing the southern armies is a big blow

Later on Qyburn takes Cersei down into the depths of the Red Keep where there are large dragon skeletons everywhere. Qyburn wonders why Robert did not get rid of them after he became king, but Cersei says they were his trophies. He shows her what he has been working on and we see a giant crossbow with a huge bolt in it. He says blacksmiths all over King’s Landing have been working day and night on ones just like it after he heard one of the dragons was injured by spears in the fighting pits of Mereen. He offers a demonstration and we see the giant bolt go through one of the giant dragon’s skulls. This really looks like it could do some damage and I am now super worried that we could lose one or more dragons this season.


Meanwhile, in Oldtown Sam and Archmaeseter Ebrose are examining Jorah and it is clear to see that Jorah’s infection has spread quite a lot. It is all over his chest and down his arm. Ebrose says it has spread too far for them to be able to do anything about it and that Jorah should have cut off his own arm when he first got it. Jorah asks how long he has and Ebrose says it will take years to kill him, but his mind will be gone in six months or so. Sam says that there must be a way to stop it because he knows that Shireen, Stannis’ daughter, had it and it was stopped. Ebrose says they can’t help because Shireen was a child and Jorah is a grown man. As they go to leave Ebrose says he will give Jorah a day to collect himself, but then he has to leave. He mentions he is only showing him this courtesy because of his family and Sam asks him his name. He tells sam his name is Jorah Mormont and you can see a look of determination in Sam’s eyes set in when he hears the name.

Later on while collecting books with Ebrose to use as research, Sam tells him that he thinks he found a way to cure Jorah. Ebrose asks Sam if he knows how the guy who came up with treatment died and then promptly tells him that it was by grey scale the very disease he was trying to cure. He says that the method is too dangerous and forbidden. That night Jorah is writing a letter to Dany in his room when Sam comes in with a cart of supplies. He tells Jorah about his relationship with the elder Mormont and that he does not want Jorah to die. He has decided to do the forbidden procedure anyways and Jorah asks him if he has ever done this before. Sam says no,  but no one else will try. Then in probably the grossest scene in GOT history he starts removing the grey scale flesh from Jorah’s chest. I kind of hated this scene, but I do really hope that this treatment works.

The King’s Road

We finally catch up with Arya who has stopped at the inn where she left Hotpie years ago. He is still working there and seems to be doing well. He asks if the big lady knight (Brienne) found her and she says that she did. Hotpie asks where she is going and she says King’s Landing. He is surprised to hear she is not heading back to Winterfell. She is confused why he would say that considering the Boltons have it, but he informs her all about the events of last season. About how Jon Snow came back from the wall and won the Battle of the Bastards and is now King in the North. Arya looks stunned and she bolts off right away. She takes a second to look the way she was going, but ultimately heads North toward her family. The acting from Maisie Williams was fantastic in this scene. Her look when Hotpie drops the bomb that he family is back in power in Winterfell is great and I am so glad she is heading back to her family.

On her journey up north Arya stops to make camp for the night when she notices that her horse is acting weird. It is a warning sign as wolves show up and surround her. Then this giant wolf shows up and Arya recognizes the wolf as her former direwolf Nymeria whom she made run away all the way back in Season 1 after she bit Joffrey. It seems Nymeria has her own pack now and she does not seem to remember Arya. Arya tells Nymeria that she is going home and that Nymeria should come with her, but the wolf turns away and heads off with the pack.

The Sea

This is where the action gets good as Yara, Ellaria, Theon and the Sand Snakes are on their way to get the Dornish army. The sand snakes are arguing over who gets to kill who while Yara, Theon and Ellaria are drinking a cabin. Yara and Ellaria get flirty which makes Theon visibly uncomfortable. All of the sudden as Yara and Ellaria kiss the ship rocks as if they have been hit. When Yara and Theon reach the deck of the ship there is fire everywhere and then they see Euron’s ship coming straight for them. He boards Yara’s ship riding a beam with sharp edges screaming like a madman. The sharp edges crush a man and Euron runs into the fight with his ax. Its chaos as the Ironborn fight each other. The Sand Snakes join the fight as Yara sends one of them to go protect Ellaria. Euron does battle with the other two managing to kill them both with their own weapons. The last Sand Snake tries to protect her mother, but it fails as the two of them are captured by Euron’s men. Yara and Euron fight as he taunts her, he eventually bests her and holds his ax to her neck and taunts Theon. Theon starts freaking out as the PTSD from Reek comes back when he sees Euron’s men mutilating others. He dives into the water and swims away from the boat. Euron starts laughing maniacally as he takes her prisoner too. Overall this was a great sequence. On a film making level this scene was cut a little much and was too choppy for my liking. I could not tell who was where and what was happening at all times. Otherwise seeing Euron become the villain that was promised is great and having Theon act the way he did was amazing character work. Yara had just got done saying how he was going to protect her and to see the looks exchanged among all three Greyjoys was fantastic acting from all three actors. Obviously we know where the prisoners are headed and I would not be surprised if one or all of them die as Cersei tries to make a show of it.

Well that’s it for this week’s recap. What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Comment below and let me know your thoughts! Until next time, valar morghulis.