Alright here is the post where I am going to break down in my mind how the players are doing in the game and where their stock is currently at with myself and in the game. Let’s get to it. And just as a heads up there will be live feeds spoilers from the last 24 hours after the episode has aired so be warned.


I like Alex and her competitiveness. She has got a pep in her step and really competes all of the time. The problem is her social game. She only seems to entertain her friends in the house and while she talks to other people she never really comes off as open to working with them. People know exactly where she stands and that is a problem. She needs to be a little more flexible if she wants to get far. Also please stop wearing those cat ears in the diary room, it just makes you look silly. Game Stock: On the hot seat. Personal stock: On the rise.


I love Christmas. From an entertainment perspective, strategy perspective and social perspective she is great. Though I would have loved to see her competing fully in competitions this broken foot is the best thing that could have happened to her. She is no longer a physical threat and that helps her. Also, I am so #TeamChristmas for the Christmas and Jessica feud. Jessica makes everything about her and Christmas is definitely in the right here. I hope she sticks around for a long time. Game stock: Sitting comfortably. Personal stock: Sky high.


Wow do I hate Cody. I mean he is a great villain and every season of reality TV needs a great villain, but damn is he just inspires so much hate in me. Seeing his cocky self get some comeuppance last night was great. Who blindsides their own alliance with a move none of them want? Plus once he made the move he was confident people would stick with him. He barely campaigned all week and hid in the HOH room with Jessica. He wonders why Josh voted against him when he barely talked to him all week. He really is the worst kind of player in this game. Not to mention I saw on Reddit that he made transphobic comments so he really is just a trash human to begin with. Game stock: rock bottom. Personal stock: as low as low can be.


I like Dominique. We have not seen much of her in the aired episodes, but from what I read she is pretty well liked among the cast and has a good bond with people like Mark and Elena. She also apparently keeps the mood light with a weekly “talk show” with the other house guests. I think Dominique is set up pretty well for a while until her social prowess is realized as a threat. Then she could be in trouble. Game stock: sitting pretty. Personal stock: neutral with a slight tick upwards towards being a favorite.


Elena is another one who has not been shown a lot. She has her showmance with Mark and I do like that she jumped ship immediately once she realized Cody was a wild card. Her strong bonds with Matt and Raven are good and she seems to be in pretty well with Paul. I feel like she has to be assured at least jury at this point, but otherwise I have not much else to say. Game stock: Locked and loaded for a couple of weeks. Personal stock: completely neutral.


Jason’s interesting to me. I really like his personality because he seems like such a fun guy, but honestly I have no idea what he is doing game wise. He had no sense the tide was turning against Jillian and stuck to the plan. Even someone as clueless as Kevin knew what was happening and turned. Also I question a person who breaks someone’s foot and then votes to evict her from the game. Come on dude you could have at least thrown her a bone a voted to keep her in the game. He is going to have to work hard to make some new bonds or win HOH to make sure he gets to the jury stage. Game stock: On the verge of disaster. Personal stock: Slightly rising.


Damn Jessica you had so much potential. From her video package I thought she was going to go against stereotype on be the one “hot” girl who was not emotionally attached to a showmance and used her sexuality as a weapon. Almost a Parvati Shallow type player. Instead she hooks all of her game up to Cody’s wagon and defends the ship to her dying breath. She is letting Cody’s perception of the game cloud her judgement and she has turned into a mean girl constantly trashing everyone for no reason. She takes every game move as a personal sleight against her and has even said on the feeds she might leave if Cody gets evicted. Like come on that is just petulant and acting like a child who does not get their way. Go put in the work and save yourself. Stop moping and be the chosen one you were meant to be. Game stock: Rolled over and dying. Personal stock: At the depths of the ocean.


I told you last week that I loved Josh as character. He was big, brash, loud and acting like a crazy person. Well I am happy to see that has calmed down a little. He is still a little crazy, but for his game he is doing the right things. He has a strong bond with Paul and Christmas and can ride them for a while. He even seems to be in on Paul’s crazy back door plan for this week to be put up as a pawn. If he makes it out of this week alive, he could be in for the long haul. Nobody in the house seems to like him so he could be a goat for the end. Very interested to see where he goes from here. He has burned bridges with Jessica and Cody, but he does not need them. Hopefully he continues to play this laid back game. Game stock: Playing with fire. Personal stock: Holding steady.


Can we all agree Kevin is the best? From “mojos” to that mermaid costume and everything in between Kevin has been killing it. His reactions are always the best and he is actually playing a decent game. He has been playing both sides of the house and has built strong bonds with nearly everybody. So much so that even though he voted to evict Jillian he has been able to play it off to everyone that it was actually Ramses who flipped and they believe him. His cluelessness about this game is like shroud keeping people from seeing that he is really smart and actually playing the game. His secret alliance with Paul could be key these next few weeks and will really show if he is made for this game or not. Hopefully he is not a shooting star who burns out just as quickly as risen. Game stock: On the rise. Personal stock: As high as possible.


I find it really hard not to like Mark. He is just such a huge teddy bear and that is part of his problem. His game is ruled way too much by his emotions and others can easily play off of that. I really like Mark as a person, but whatever skills I thought he had as a game player just do not seem to be there. He did push back against Paul’s crazy plan to put two allies on the block to back door Cody and that was really smart. He does have some moves in there and if he can shake off his emotions he has a decent shot in this game. Hopefully he can do it. Game stock: Upper tier at the moment. Personal stock: Holding steady.


Matt’s a pretty likable guy and I commend him for breaking that bond with Cody right away, but so far he has been kind of bland. He has shown little to know strategic chops and his charisma seems to be put on hold. I am hoping he will break out of his shell in the near future, but for now there is really not much to go on. His bond with raven does seem genuine though and they seem like a good fit. I also like that Matt seems to be a team player and willing to do anything for his alliance. He even was willing to go on the block until Mark put a stop to that nonsense. Overall I hope he stays for a while. Game stock: Should be safe for the week. Personal stock: Leveled out on the good side of things.


Listen, I like Paul and think he is very charismatic and super fun to watch, but I can’t help, but feel like he is playing way too hard too soon. His three weeks of safety, while good because he surely would have gone home this week if he did not have it, have given him a false sense of security to do crazy things. Case in point this week he got people to give him HOH and now he really wants Cody and Jessica out of the house. So that’s not crazy, but how he originally wanted to do it was to put two of his allies, Matt and Raven, on the block so that they are guaranteed the veto win and then he can back door Cody. Only thing this plan is ridiculous and could very easily go wrong in so many ways. Luckily he was talked down from this and now plans to put Alex and Josh up as pawns hoping that Ramses also puts himself up with the curse. That way if they lose the veto they have Alex and Ramses as options to vote out and if they win then he can back door Cody. This is needlessly complicated though. Just put both Jessica and Cody up and one of the is assured to go home. No need to get cute about it. Game stock: Good for now, could be in danger once safety runs out. Personal stock: Still pretty high.


Overall we have not seen much from Ramses. He is still a little over the top for my liking, but apparently he has been gathering lots of information from all around the house. He also has the reputation of being kind of a snake, which does not bode well for him. Also, Kevin’s deflection of the Christmas vote onto him has done him no favors as he seems to be the current house pariah. His game overall does not have a great outlook at this point and he could be in trouble soon. Game stock: Falling fast. Personal stock: Neutral.


While still too over the top in the diary room for my liking, I do think her position in the house is good. She has a trustworthy relationship and seems to be a huge team player. Plus days in the Big Brother house can be bleak sometimes and she definitely can be a ray of sunshine. I think she is a lock for jury and she has been playing up this medical issue she has that has not been mentioned on the show yet. Apparently she has a pacemaker in her that helps with her intestines because they do not work appropriately. She could become a threat for a sympathy vote come endgame, but there is plenty of time to worry about that later. Game stock: Holding strong. Personal stock: On the rise.

Well that is where everyone is at in my mind! What do you think? Who are your personal favorites? Comment down below and let me know! And don’t forget to come back next week as I break them down again!