So I have watched my first two full nights of Big Brother and I would say I am hooked. There are still things that really annoy me about the show(yelling in the diary room, showmances, etc.), but overall this is a great cast and should be really fun. Let’s get into my thoughts on the first two nights.

Night 1

Like said before I really like this cast for the most part and I will get more into that later, but I feel like the only way to give my thoughts on the premiere are to break it down by temptation segment.

So first we have the button push for $25,000 that would unleash Paul and have the person who won have to throw the HOH competition. First of all, can we all just agree this was rigged? CBS made it such a large amount of money so there is no humanly possible way that no one would press the button. They really wanted to get Paul back into the house and this was the best way they came up with. I just don’t like all the cloak and dagger shadiness of them pretending that this was never going to happen. If this did not work out they would have found a way to get him in there regardless. Just make him part of the cast to start if you want it so badly and stop with this shady stuff.

The second temptation with the friendship bracelets I liked a lot. It was cool to see everyone’s personalities and how they made their pitches to Paul. Plus it was great to see Paul’s line of thinking. This type of thing puts a huge target on his back, besides the one already there for being a returnee. This could have gone wrong so many ways for someone not as smart as Paul, but he played it perfectly and spread the bracelets around in the best way. Side note: What was up with Cody getting mad he didn’t get a bracelet when he barely talked to Paul??

This obviously leads to the competition which was pretty good. I liked the combination of the physical and mental aspects. The problem was people were too focused on the physical part that they forgot the clues. It was a fairly easy logic puzzle to follow and people like Cameron and Christmas could easily have avoided their fate if they had been paying attention. As annoying as Alex is, I was impressed with her in this competition.

The next temptation was for the three people on the block to vote whether they wanted to do a vote or a competition to determine their fate. This is an interesting exercise in game theory and one that should have played out very differently if everyone was playing optimally. Let’s start with Jillian who made here optimal move for a vote. There was no way she was not losing a competition so good on her. For Cameron, who feels confident in his physical abilities, he also made his optimal move. Knowing how good Christmas will be at competitions, he knows he cannot beat her, but he can beat Jillian and he only has to beat one person to stay in the house. This is where it gets wonky, Christmas’ optimal move is for her to do a competition. It’s an easy win for her and a guaranteed stay in the house. For some unknown reason though she wants to see where she stands in the house and goes for a vote? Look it worked out for her and that’s fine, but what if seeing where she stands in the house means she is voted out? That’s a huge risk to take.

As for the overall result of the night, you have to feel somewhat bad for Cameron (especially considering what’s to come, if you follow people who watch live feeds you will know what I mean; if not wait a couple episodes and you will see). He is a superfan who spends less than 12 hours in the house and that has to be soul crushing. There is an asterisk here though, that makes it hard to feel too bad for him. He had three chances to make sure this was not his fate. First he could have sucked up to Paul better and got a bracelet. Fine, maybe that was not possible, but then he could have payed attention more at the competition and gained safety there. Finally, he had some time to stack the votes against another person and still could not do anything. His biggest problem was his look. He came off super awkward and uncomfortable. He also came off a little bit like a tryhard. Add to that the fact that he looks like two former winners (Steve Moses of BB17 and Ian Terry of BB14), he was doomed from the start. I do hope there is some sort of Battle Back for his sake though.

Night 2

Night 2 is not nearly as eventful as night 1, but some interesting things did happen. Josh is going crazy and that’s why I love him as a character. He has some reason to be paranoid due to Megan’s comment about getting rid of the big guys at the last competition, but he has blown it way out of proportion.

The HOH competition is hosted by last season’s winner Nicole (I’m sorry I can’t stand her) and it is a team then individual competition. There is a temptation involved too. The competition involves going across some ropes to retrieve apples and once your team has eight they move on to the next round. Only two teams advance. The temptation is that there are some golden apples. If you take the golden apple you are safe for the week, but the rest of your team has no chance at HOH. Josh, being the paranoid person he is, takes the apple and his team is pissed, all except Kevin of course. Kevin got really lucky and did not even have to attempt to the throw the comp. All the other teams think Josh is really sketchy for doing what he did. He then calls Megan a snake and she has no idea what he is talking about. The two teams who move on are the blue and pink teams. That means Paul, Megan, Raven, Mark, Cody, Dominique, Jessica and Matt all won, but they only can pick one person to compete in the second round for HOH. So it becomes Cody vs. Paul and Cody easily beats Paul for the win.

After HOH Cody starts lining up his troops with his inner circle being him, Matt and Mark (who didn’t see that one coming) with sidekicks Raven, Jessica, and Elena. He wants to target outsiders and eventually does putting both Megan and Jillian up on the block. A lot of different things went down last night, but none too important. Cody talked about back dooring Paul and that could be interesting, but I think he will keep him around.

Contestant Round Up

Each Week I am going to go over the contestants left in the house and where there stock is at with me. These are my own biased opinions so just keep that in mind. When I type personal stock, that is how I feel about them. Game stock is where I think they are at game wise.

Alex: While I was impressed with her at the first competition, Alex just gets on my nerves. She talks way too fast and is just annoying. Game wise she is not in a great position right now as she is sticking with the outsiders, but its still early. Personal stock: falling. Game stock: falling.

Christmas: Her decision to go to a vote is still baffling to me, but I like Christmas and feel like she could be a strong player in this game. She fits right in with the bros and that could be her biggest asset as the bro alliance seems to be taking early power. Personal stock: rising. Game Stock: neutral.

Cody: Cody has set an early target for himself. He has won two big comps and has only made a few friends. His standoffish behavior could have him in trouble soon as even his own ally Mark was not sure about his hatred for Paul. Personally the guys emotionless responses to everything really irk me and his sense of entitlement is even worse. His lack of tact when nominating Megan was god awful too. Personal stock: bottomed out. Game Stock: Rising, for now. Prepare for a steep fall.

Dominique: We have not seen much of Dominique in the first few episodes here so I do not know what to think. I feel like as long as she does not get overly religious and plays well I could like her. Not much to say at this point. Personal stock: neutral. Game Stock: neutral.

Elena: Another girl we do not know much about. I don’t know what it is this year, but the guys seem to be so much more interesting than the girls. It may take time for them to show their personalities. I did like her cheese sandwich pitch to Paul though, that was funny. Personal stock: neutral. Game stock: rising.

Jason: I love Jason’s energy in the house and he seems to be having the most fun of everyone there. He seems to be a really likable guy and that could get him far. Cody listed him as one of the outsiders, but I do not see that lasting for long. Hopefully he sticks around for a while. Personal stock: rising. Game stock: slightly falling.

Jessica: We don’t know that much about Jessica except for the fact that she is hot and all of the guys are ogling her. I feel like she could be pretty smart and maneuver this in her favor, but we will see. For now there is not much to go on. Personal stock: neutral. Game stock: rising.

Jillian: She seems nice enough, but her immediate pairing with all of the outsiders does not bode well. She also seems to be making no effort to slide her way into the top echelon of the house. I feel like she will be around for a while as the house punching bag, the person to put on the block next to your real target every time. Personal stock: neutral. Game stock: falling fast.

Josh: Look a lot of people are going to hate Josh. He’s loud, obnoxious, and emotionally unstable, but that is exactly why I love him. All you can ask for in reality television is great TV and that is what you are going to get whenever Josh is on the screen. I love big characters and he is one of them. He is probably not very long for this game, but I am going to enjoy him while I can. Personal stock: rising as rapidly as possible. Game stock: plummeting.

Kevin: Another lovable weirdo in the house, I have no idea where Kevin stands. I love his constant cluelessness about how this game is played and who the people are. His non-reaction to Nicole coming in was the best. Someone online compared him to Creed Bratton from the Office and that is the best comparison I could ever see. He’s so funny and I love having him there. Personal Stock: rising. Game stock: neutral.

Mark: I love Mark. He seems like a giant teddy bear who also has some smarts to him. The best thing that could have happened to him was dislocating his finger in that comp because that means he might not be seen as a challenge beast early. Hopefully he goes far. Personal stock: rising. Game Stock: rising.

Matt: I also really like Matt. His dry sense of humor is great and he seems really calm and intelligent. He seems to be in a good spot in the game as he has not been spotlighted early. Could be a good sign for him. Personal stock: rising. Game stock: rising.

Megan: I don’t know what to think of Megan. I like her background in the military as an interrogator, but she really seems to be making all the wrong moves. It does not help that she got into that big argument with Josh for no reason. Also her inability to connect with Cody was worrying. Personal stock: slightly rising. Game stock: falling fast.

Paul: Like I said before it’s hard to be mad at Paul for coming back into the house. He is just so charming, funny and smart that it’s hard not to like the guy. When he put on Jason’s cowboy chaps and rode him like a bull, that was hilarious. I hope he sticks around for a while because he is great. Personal stock: rising fast. Game stock: neutral.

Ramses: I want to like Ramses, but he is just eh for me right now. He was too over the top day one and I think once he calms down I will like him. Unfortunately he is in with the outsiders so that does not bode well for this superfan. Hopefully he notices the code red and worms his way out of this predicament real fast. Personal stock: neutral. Game stock: slightly falling.

Raven: So far she is one of the few people I do not like in the house. The first episode she was so annoying and the fact that she was invisible last night really helped out. Maybe she will grow on me, but for now she just gets a big old shrug from me. Her game position seems pretty tight though so we will see. Personal stock: falling. Game stock: slightly rising.

Well there you have it. My thoughts on the first two nights of Big Brother. Check back every weekend for my updates on the season. Overall a pretty good start to what should be a good summer. Until next time!

The next episode of Big Brother is Sunday at 8 on CBS.