For about eight years I have been a huge fan of Survivor and for even longer a fan of the Amazing Race. I have watched every single season of Survivor and have recently started to go back and watch the seasons of the Amazing Race that I have never seen, but the one CBS reality television program that I have never got into was Big Brother. Well that is going to change this summer, when I will watch my first full season of Big Brother.

Why did I never watch Big Brother? Well when I was younger I did not even know it existed. I rarely payed attention to commercials when I was watching a show and I was not on the internet that much. Over the past few years I have learned of its existence and seen quite a few bits of promotional material for it. To me this was the biggest factor in keeping me away. The commercials portrayed a show of young, pretty people acting crazy and crying all of the time. That just sounded awful to me and made it look like Survivor’s weird step-sibling. Plus then I found out how often it was on and that seemed rather daunting.

Last year this changed a little when I started watching a few episodes here and there with my brother who had watched the last few seasons. While I found the casting to be somewhat atrocious I was hooked and the strategy elements drew me in. I realized that while it was covered in the exterior I previously mentioned it still had a lot of interesting game mechanics that with a few good cast members could be very interesting. Then this past fall I listened to all of the podcasts from Rob Has a Podcast about the CBS All Access only season of Big Brother which was called Over the Top. I did not watch the show, but I heard all about it from Rob Cesternino and his Live Feed Correspondents Alex Kidwell, Taran Armstrong, and Brent Wolgamott. It got me interested even further in the strategy portion and taught me how much fun these wacky people could be if you just let them take you on a ride.

So that’s why I am taking the plunge this summer and watching the whole season. I will probably do some recaps here and there to give you my thoughts, but not as in depth as Survivor because I really do not know that much about the game. Also, I won’t be doing a full cast breakdown for the same reason. There are a few people I am going to keep my eye on though and this seems like it could be a fun cast. So I hope you will join me on this ride as I experience my first full season of Big Brother. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations.

Big Brother 19 premieres tonight at 8