An interesting week for sure. Not too many huge stories, but some substantial ones and definitely some intriguing ones. Let’s break them down.

Matthew Vaughn Up for Man of Steel 2

According to Collider director Matthew Vaughn, of Kingsmen and Kick Ass fame, is Warner Brothers first choice to direct the sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel. Preliminary conversations have taken place, but the report does caution that they are not in the deal making stage yet. Vaughn could end up passing, but that is who Warner Bros wants to direct the film. If this happens he is a great choice. The first movie was criticized for its dour tone and not appearing to be the Superman everyone knows and loves from the comic books. Fun stories with awesome action are Vaughn’s specialty so he would really bring a lot to this project. I, among many others, really hope this happens because it would be another positive step forward for the DCEU. There has been no official word on the project technically speaking so there is no release date.

Fede Alvarez to Direct Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Follow Up

2011’s The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo was a huge success both critically and commercially, but Sony has been struggling ever since to get a sequel off the ground. Eventually original director David Fincher moved away from the project and now Sony has found a new director. Fede Alvarez, who directed last year’s Don’t Breathe, has been lined up to direct The Girl in the Spider’s Web for Sony. The book this movie will be based on is not the direct sequel to the Dragon Tattoo novel, that would be The Girl who Played with Fire, but upon the fourth book which was not written by original series author Steig Larsson. After the announcement Justin Kroll at Variety followed up with a report that Sony and Alvarez are looking to start from scratch casting wise which means leaving Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig behind. Kroll mentioned in his report that Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson are high up on their list. I like Alvarez as a director, but I can’t help but feel like all of this is a bad idea. I just feel like it will confuse audiences to have a new cast and not even follow up with the direct sequel. We will see what happens when the movie hits theaters October 5th, 2018.

Matrix Reboot eyed at Warner Brothers

In this week’s worst idea, The Hollywood Reporter, has sources telling them that Warner Bros is looking to reboot The Matrix. They already have Zak Penn in talks to write a treatment of the script and a wish list of actors including Michael B. Jordan. This project is still in the early stages of planning, but many have already expressed their displeasure. This is a movie that is not even twenty years old yet and is one of the most beloved science fiction movies of all time. Whatever you think about the sequels, this first one is a classic and to many this would be the same thing as rebooting The Godfather. Who is asking for this? Literally no one and honestly shows how incompetent the management at Warner Brothers is. They have bungled the DCEU and greenlit many dumb projects over the years (Point Break reboot is all I have to say to prove my point). Someone really needs to kick some sense into the management there or that studio is doomed.

Update: The above report was from earlier in the week, but now writer Zak Penn is saying this movie is not a reboot or remake. He says that it is is just a new movie in the same universe. Only time will tell what this means, but I still stand by the fact that it was a bad idea.

The Fly Remake in the Works at Fox

Now not all remake ideas are bad ones and if the right circumstances present themselves then you could have a good one. Case in point this story, as Deadline is reporting that Fox is in talks with indie filmmaker J.D. Dillard to co-write and direct a remake of The Fly. The 1986 cult classic version directed by David Cronenberg and starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis was itself a remake of a version from 1958. The circumstances surrounding this one is perfect. Its been over thirty years since the last one, the story has a timeless quality and it has already proven to be remake material. This also has a chance to be something special with today’s special effects. All of this seems like a good idea to me and Dillard has got a lot of buzz around him coming off his last movie Sleight. No word yet on a release date.

Batman Production Likely in 2018, Page One Rewrite Happening

Now that Warner Bros officially has Matt Reeves locked in to direct The Batman the public eye has turned to when it might start production. Well Variety’s Justin Kroll has the inside information. He tweeted out that due to contractual obligations with promoting War for the Planet of the Apes, Reeves most likely will not be able to start production until next year. That makes sense, but there is another layer to the story. Slash Film is reporting that the script for the movie is getting a page one rewrite, meaning they are starting from scratch. The outlet states the studio is looking to scrap the Ben Affleck, Geoff Johns, and Chris Terrio written script and begin anew. Just another twist in the Batman saga, so who knows when this movie will get a release date.

Suicide Squad 2 Finds its Writer

The Hollywood Reporter dropped a report this week saying that Warner Bros. is in negotiations with a writer for Suicide Squad 2. Apparently they have settled on Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and The Legend of Tarzan screenwriter Adam Cozad to write the movie. David Ayer, who directed the first movie, will not be returning and Warner Bros. has a shortlist of directors that include Mel Gibson, Jonathan Levine, Daniel Espinosa, Reuben Fleischer and now apparently Jaume Collet-Serra. Honestly its going to take a lot for me to get excited about this movie and this writer does not do much for me. Those are two very mediocre movies and neither of them give me the confidence that this will improve the movie. There is no release date at this time.

John Krasinski to Star/Write/Direct Supernatural Thriller with Wife Emily Blunt

Variety is reporting that real life Hollywood couple, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, will team up for their first feature film together. Krasinski is set to rewrite and direct A Quiet Place, a supernatural thriller for Paramount and Platinum Dunes, Michael Bay’s production company. Plot details are being kept under wraps, but the story is said to be set on a farm where a supernatural being has been terrorizing a family. This is a really interesting project because I really like both of these actors. Krasinski has directed two other movies and they have both been solid so he has directing chops. I am actually super excited for the this movie. There is no release date at this time.

Sony to Release Venom Movie

After scrapping the movie following the hack of their systems, Sony is now apparently putting a fast track on a Spider Man spinoff centered around Venom. According to Exhibitor Relations they have even given the movie a release date and announced the director. Alex Kurtzman, who is more famous as a writer, will direct and write the movie. This is very interesting for a few reasons. It seemed like Sony was out of the Spider Man business after their last go at the franchise crashed and burned. Also the date they set for its release, October 5th, 2018, is the same as the recently dated Girl in the Spider’s Web, which Sony is also making. It is rare that a studio dates two of their movies for the same day. I am very skeptical about all of this, but am intrigued to see how it plays out.

Aquaman Moves Release Date

Throughout all of the turmoil Warner Bros. involving the DCEU one movie has remained constant and that is James Wan’s Aquaman. There have been no signs of distress and the cast they have centered around Jason Momoa is awesome. Well even with this movie Warners has managed to make a questionable decision. They shifted the movie off of the October 5th, 2018 release date to December 21st of the same year. Now normally this would be a good move considering Sony has started cramming that date with big budget movies, but in 2018 we are expecting to get the Young Han Solo movie from Disney. Right now it is scheduled for May, but if Disney decides that the love the December release date that they gave The Force AwakensRogue One, and The Last Jedi they might flex Young Han Solo to around that same day. That would be crushing for Aquaman and there would really be no fight. Hopefully, for DC’s sake, this does not happen and it stays safe, but we will see.

Henry Cavill Joins Mission Impossible 6

Production is well under way on Mission Impossible 6 and now we are starting to get word on the cast for the movie. Director Christopher McQuarrie announced via Instagram that Superman himself Henry Cavill will be joining the sequel. Details of his role have not been formally announced, but according to Variety he will be playing a right hand man to the boss of Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). The person playing that role is unknown as of right now and has been different in every movie, but in the last one it was played by Alec Baldwin. Also returning to the sequel is Rebecca Ferguson’s character Ilsa Faust as well as Jeremy Renner’s William Brandt. Mission Impossible 6 is due to hit theaters on July 27th, 2018.