In one of the most impressive film debuts of the last decade Jordan Peele manages to create a fascinating and suspenseful horror film that also puts forth a message about society today. With the help of a stellar cast and a tight script, which Peele wrote himself, this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat while making you think about what society has done with black culture.

I am getting too far ahead of myself though, let me tell you what this movie is about. Get Out tells the story of Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) who goes on a weekend trip with his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) to meet her family. When he gets there he realizes that her family may not be all that they seem to be and he tries to figure out what is going on. That may sound very generic, but trust me it is not. I do not want to give anything away so I had to make the story as generic as possible, trust me this movie is very interesting.

Before we talk about the ideas and story let’s talk about the acting and technical aspects to get that out of the way. Kaluuya is fantastic in the lead role and this is a real breakout performance for him. He gets to exhibit a wide range of emotions and he really is the anchor of this movie. Williams is good in her supporting role as his girlfriend as she provides the necessary guidance for Chris and us the viewer into her family’s world. Bradley Whitford is a standout as the Rose’s father. Whitford is a great character actor and he gets to show it here creating a somewhat wacky character with a sinister side. Also solid in supporting roles are Catherine Keener as Rose’s mom and Caleb Landry Jones as Rose’s brother. Both do not get as much screen time as others mentioned, but really turn in great performances in the time they have. Another standout in this movie is Chris’ friend Rod played by LilRel Howery. He provides the comic relief of the film and is hilarious. Definitely an actor to look out for in the future. Finally, LaKeith Stanfield has a really small part, but he is fantastic and adds to his already impressive resume.

Technically speaking this movie is fantastic too. The score is haunting and while you may not notice it most of the time that is what is so brilliant about it. It provides the perfect supporting role whenever necessary. The cinematography is superb as it really sets the tone for the movie. Peele also does a great job directing this movie. There is not a bad choice from a direction stand point in the film. Also the editing is perfect, keeping the movie to a quick  1 hour and 44 minutes. At no point did it feel too long and that is what you aim for when editing a movie.

Now its really hard to talk about this story without giving away spoilers, but I am going to try. Peele puts forth some important ideas that will keep you thinking for days. Ideas about cultural appropriation and implicit racism are woven perfectly into the story. There are so many little things in this movie that have a meaning behind them that you may not realize until the end and that is what makes it so fascinating. There is so much to see and it may take multiple viewings to see it all. Peele has said that he wants to make a series of socially conscious horror movies and after this movie I cannot wait to see more from him. Just go see this movie because it fantastic and everyone should hear the message it is trying to tell the world.

Grade: A+