Wow what an episode. This might have been the most thrilling episode of Hunted yet. One of my day one picks to take it to the end even went home. It was as close as an edge of your seat thrill ride as you are going to get in reality television. Let’s break it down.

David and Emiley

We pick up with the car tracking cliffhanger from last time. David and Emiley are definitely getting paranoid after another close call. They decide to head to Alabama where their network is largest. The command center is hoping for mistakes so that they can close the book on these two. At this point they are just waiting for pings on the license plate readers from the highways. David and Emiley then try to find a place to park and sleep for the night so they can hopefully stay hidden because they know they cannot do much else other than sleep in their car. The next day they are worried about gas and their route because they only have about about 230 miles of gas available to them and about 220 miles to go. They cannot take back roads because that would use up way too much gas and they cannot risk getting money at this point. It is here that the command center gets their first hit on the license plate from the car. They let it ride out a little to get more and more pings so they can establish a route and plan. Once they have an idea of where the fugitives are going they start sending teams toward their general direction in order to get an ID. They send team Alpha to push David and Emiley toward Atlanta and then set up team Charlie to wait and intercept and box them in.

Alpha then finds them on the highway and follows. Charlie then finds the car too and sandwiches them in. Back at command center, Command Clark wants to let them run out of gas and not do a traffic stop. At this point David and Emiley do not seem to realize they are being followed, but while driving Emiley finally notices their tail. She uses the old changing lanes trick to determine if she is really being followed or not. Once they realize they have a tail they decide to pretend to get off at an exit and then go straight to really mess with the hunters. The hunters realize they are playing with them though and it does not work. Emiley then realizes there are two of them following of them as she notices both black SUVs. David is frantically trying to come up with a plan and calls his friend Brad who live in a gated community so that hopefully the hunters can’t come in. When Brad does not give them an answer right away they call Emiley’s mom because apparently she always has good ideas.

Command center, who had put a tag on Emiley’s mom’s phone, realizes that Emiley’s parents have got a call. They do not recognize the number and are worried they are trying get other cars involved. Command center does not want to let them slip away again and they know David will not go down without a fight. They then decide to call the phone number they have to try and shake David and Emiley, because they have a pretty good feeling it is them. David answers the call and fights back against the taunts, but it also visibly riles him up. Command center is pretty they are heading to Alabama, they just do not know where. They eventually get the recording of the phone call between Emiley and her mom. They realize that they might head to a newly built sports complex to try and get away. Command center realizes that there are two entrances to the park and tells Charlie to fall back while they send Alpha to the other exit in order to lull the fugitives into a false sense of security.  Alpha then catches up to them at the other exit and David and Emiley realize they are being followed again. David and Emiley then pull over and split up as he starts running towards a creek and she heads towards the street in order to try and get away but, Alpha catches up to both of them. In the end my day one pick to win the money is caught and we have seen the real life equivalent of a car chase. It is fantastic television to say the least.

Lee and Hilmar

Even with all of that craziness we still have three other teams to catch up on. After a recap last week we learn that Lee and Hilmar have been on the run for about three weeks. Thye have returned to Atlanta where they started their journey. The feel Atlanta is burnt ground at this point, meaning that the hunters have already investigated all that they could there, so they contact a friend of Hilmar’s to hide out. At this point for this team command center is frustrated because the fugitives are in the wind and they really do not have any leads. They decide to start back at square one and monitor their friends using link analysis. After scouring social media they find one of Hilmar’s friends Josh Whitson who has posted on Facebook looking for a place for a friend “Chet” to stay. They decide to check into that because it seems suspicious. Meanwhile, Lee and Hilmar decide to mess with hunters by placing Griff’s cell phone number, which they got from his interrogation of Beth, on a lot of Craigslist ads so that they will get a lot of calls and texts. They hope this will rattle the hunters and confuse them. One ad even says they are trying get rid of a wolf puppy named Buck, which is Griff’s partner’s name. They hope to keep the hunters on their toes as they reach the home stretch. Team Alpha then gets the first message the next and then another one comes in not too long after. Even more texts start to come in and they are confused so they contact command center. Command center calls one of the numbers and finds out about the craigslist ad. They realized they are being messed with so they task Charles with looking into the ads so that they can pull an IP address and hopefully get a location that the ads were posted from. They hope Lee and Hilmar’s cockiness will be there downfall, but they have said that every week and are still no closer to catching them.

Aarif and Immad

For this team we pick up pretty much right from where we left off last week. Team India is still interviewing the guy at the mosque and he tells them that the fugitives just left. He also tells them that Aarif shaved his head and that they got a ride from someone at the mosque. He tells them that the car was blue and a sedan. Based on this information command center uses CCTV to identify the blue car and find its license plate number. Now that they know the license plate of the car that is driving the fugitives command center pulls Aman’s license plate and phone number to keep an eye on. While all of this is happening Aarif and Immad are riding with the student who agreed to drive them to Atlanta, Aman. They decide to call Meadow’s friend Sam to see if he will pick them up and let them stay with him. Sam picks them up from Aman and in exchange for letting them stay, Aarif and Immad are working for Sam at his business. During the whole time they have been on the show the two friends have been fasting for Ramadan is taking its toll on them. Immad even breaks his fast to drink because he is super dehydrated. Later on command center gets the phone information for Aman and pick up on the call to Sam. They decide to dig deeper into Aman’s phone to determine if Sam is where he left Aarif and Immad.

Stephen and English

After last week’s conversation with English’s sister this team is reeling trying to find a place to stay in Charleston. They are trying to get in touch with a few contacts they have in the area that they hope will not be traced. They are able to borrow a stranger’s cell phone to contact a few old friends of English. They are able to contact one friend, Rebecca, after the first person, Meredith, does not answer. They find out Rebecca’s parents have a condo that they are able to stay the night in. In order to get some leads on English and Stephen, command center decides to look at deeper level contacts for a possible hit. They decide to look through social media to find contacts they have in South Carolina. Eventually they pinpoint that they may be using their University of North Carolina alma mater network. They decide to contact English’s friends, including Meredith and Rebecca, as well as flood the area with wanted posters in order to get tips. English is super paranoid that the hunters will eventually zero in on Rebecca as one of her friends so they decide they have to keep moving. The next morning they are trying to get a car and use a strangers phone to call Rebecca. Rebecca is trying to get them a car, but is worried she was followed and does not want to come near them as to possibly lead the hunters to them. English becomes super paranoid and they come up with a plan to get them on the move. While waiting to get picked up they move into the woods behind the condo in order to not be seen because they were originally standing out in the open. Eventually one of Rebecca’s friends, Rachel, comes and picks them up. Rachel then brings them to a relative’s house so that they can stay the night. That is where we leave this team heading into next week’s finale.

Well we have almost reached the end of Hunted! Tonight’s episode was fantastic and really shows how good this show can be. I am still shocked that David and Emiley got caught. If I had to make predictions for next week’s finale I would say that Lee and Hilmar definitely win. The command center seems to have absolute zilch on them and that does not seem like it will change. In the end I think they might be the only ones to get the money. The hunters have a solid lead on Aarif and Immad so it almost seem like a guarantee they get caught. Finally, even though they do not seem to have much on English and Stephen, English seems way to all over the place with paranoia and a mistake seems imminent. I could be wrong on them, but my gut says that it does not happen for them. I cannot wait for next week’s finale and I really hope this show gets picked up for season 2. Until next time!

Hunted airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS