Legion once again provided us with a stellar episode that kept me riveted from beginning to end. Continuing from David’s escape from Division Three last week, we see him settling into a new routine at a compound run by Dr. Melanie Bird (Jean Smart) where he will learn how to use his telepathic powers. While there he continues his relationship with Syd and learns more about the other people who live in the compound.

First things first, I will say it this week and probably every other week until this show ends, the visuals are killer. Part of what keeps me so interested in this show is the color palette and visual effects combined with the editing of the shots. Its endlessly intriguing and combining that with a haunting score just sets the perfect mood. Besides Game of Thrones I do not think I have seen a more visually stunning show.

Now for the actual story. I loved that we got more of some of the side characters in this episode. Jeremie Harris plays Ptonomy Wallace a person who works with Dr. Bird to help the people at the compound. His power is that he can transport people into their memories so that they can experience them second hand. Dr. Bird uses this to help new comers find out the source of their power and how to control it. Harris plays him with the perfect combination of being stoic and sarcastic. Learning more about Dr. Bird was also great. She is like this show’s Professor X and it great to have a guide as we find out more about the mutant world just like David. The final side character we found out more about was Cary Loudermilk played by Bill Irwin. Cary is a brilliant scientist who was helping David learn more about himself by scanning his brain with an MRI machine. His witty banter when talking with David was the perfect comic relief and Irwin’s eccentricity really adds to the character.

The main crux of this episode was diving into David’s past to learn more about him. We see him when he is a child, having a conversation with his doctor and spending time with Lenny (Aubrey Plaza). All of these are puzzle pieces we do not quite know how they fit together. The most intriguing of the flashbacks for me were the ones involving David’s childhood where he talks about his dad. In the comics David’s dad is none other than Professor X himself Charles Xavier. We do not quite know if that is going to be the case for this show, but in the flashbacks we never see his dad’s face as it is constantly blacked out as if David does not want to remember it. Through out all of these memories there seems to be a common thread that David is purposely not remembering things and it makes the story that more intriguing. We also see the Yellow Fiend a few more times this episode. This demonic figure is very perplexing because it seems to rile David up a lot, but we do not know why it is there or what it means.

Also, not enough can be said for Dan Stevens’ performance as David. He does not speak that much in these episodes, but conveys everything with his face. You can always tell what David is feeling or thinking because Stevens is so brilliantly acting everything with just his face. It is a master class and has assured me that when he plays the Beast in this year’s Beauty and the Beast it will be a great motion capture performance.

We end this week’s episode with David being able to transport his consciousness to where his sister Amy is. He sees her trying to visit him at the hospital, but they have no record of him. He then sees her being abducted by the man from Division Three who is looking for him known as The Eye. David of course wants to go running after her, but Syd convinces him to stay and learn about his powers so that they can better rescue her. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as The Eye looks like he is about to torture Amy.

This cliffhanger leaves me anxious for next week’s episode and I am all in at this point. This show has everything from brilliant acting to beautiful production design, from complex characters to an amazing visual palette. I will admit the quick cut editing and purposeful confusion is not for everyone, but if you like any of the above I suggest you give this show a shot.

Legion airs every Wednesday at 10 on FX