Now that we have all teams established this week Hunted gave us a pulse pounding episode with close calls galore. Let’s dive into this complex episode!

David and Emiley

After pinging David’s law school friends phone way outside her normal location in Vidalia, Georgia the Command Center sent hunter teams Echo and Foxtrot to the address they had on the calendar from the beginning. The two teams surround the cabin they think David and Emiley are in and use a drone to keep an eye on the are from above. They also call the house from command center at the same time as knocking on the door in order to try and cause them to panic. Nobody answers the door or phone and there is no activity in the house. The hunters realize the house is empty and the command center is confused. David and Emiley are at a cabin set further back from the where the hunters are when they here something. They here this as the hunters are looking at map on their phone and realize there is a cabin near the lake that is same address as one they looked at. The hunters then go sprinting toward the cabin. David hears them coming without realizing it and gets antsy. They decide to pack up and leave really quick. The drone looking for movement as David and Emiley try to exit and it catches them leaving. They head out through exit they checked out the day before just before the hunters get to the cabin and knock on the door. Blaze comes out and talks to the hunters, but gives up nothing as they push him hard.

Meanwhile, David and Emiley escape on to the road leaving the hunters behind. Teams Foxtrot and Echo tell command center about Blaze and the command center decide to look up him. Blaze then calls David and Emiley and tells them that they just missed the hunters. David and Emiley decide to ditch all of their plans because of the close call and start from scratch. They toss the burner phone they used to talk to Blaze out the window of their car while driving on the highway. Command center keeping up on Blaze trying to find something they can use. They realize Blaze works at a car dealership and try to work that angle. Next, David and Emiley decide to head to Alabama because they feel they can hide in the shadows easier there. All the while command center is desperately trying to find if car has been taken off of lot that Blaze works at. Eventually they find car that Blaze loaned out to David and Emiley. As the episode closes out we see that the command center is using the highway system’s license plate reader to try and track down the car. My prediction is that Blaze put down the wrong license plate number and they are thrown off the track once again.

Lee and Hilmar

Its been a couple of weeks since we have seen these two and we pick up with them in Live Oak, Florida on day 16. We get a quick check in with Lee’s family at his parents house in Texas. It’s his birthday as well as fathers day. The family is celebrating without him and we find out the kids are having a hard time without Lee. We also find out Lee’s wife Beth is supposed to find out the sex of their soon to be born baby the very next day. Lee is missing his kids and wife and really wants to get a morale boost. He comes up with a crazy plan where he wants to have his friend Tim, who is a pilot, fly his wife in on the plane that Tim owns. Lee and Hilmar find out there is a way to track plane using tail number and this makes them worried that is a really risky plan. Hilmar agrees to it though and they head to a small airport to wait for Lee’s wife. Lee meets up with his wife who tells him the kids are having a hard time without him. They go in the airport and open up the the envelope to find out if they are having a boy or girl. They find out they are having another boy and Lee wonders what they should name him. Tim jokingly says that they should name him after the pilot. Soon a car pulls up and they get nervous. Fortunately its a false alarm as its just an elderly woman. From there they leave and plan to head to the peach tree area of Georgia where Hilmar has a lot of contacts. In one last show of cockiness Beth posts picture of her with Lee and Hilmar at the airfield holding a newspaper to confirm the day to taunt the hunters. The hunters are impressed with the Lee and Hilmar’s boldness, but decide to get a full work up on the picture in order to get any details possible. They hope that the fugitive’s cockiness will lead to their downfall.

Aarif and Immad

For this team wick up from last week’s cliff hanger on day 17. After shaving off their beards they leave the campground and head towards town on foot to find a phone. They find a business who helps them contact a cab and meet their cab driver who is also Muslim. The cab is driving them really far so they do not have enough money so they realize they will have to hit another ATM. They try to work out deal to pay the cab drive more in a few days and he agrees based on good faith due to their shared religion. The cab driver takes them to downtown Athens where they try to find a mosque. They find one and get to pray and attend service. The people at the mosque are gracious enough to let them sleep their over night. They also meet with a student who agrees to help them get to Atlanta so they can contact Meadow’s friends who they have not contacted yet.  On day 19 they are going to head towards Atlanta, but they still have to pay the cab driver. So they come up with a plan to go to the ATM nearby on foot and get the money. They then put their plan into action as Immad walks to a nearby gas station and gets money from the ATM. At that moment the command center gets the notification of ATM usage. Immad then runs back to the mosque from the gas station. When the command center gets the camera footage from the ATM, Immad has his hat pulled over his face and is shaved so they are not completely sure its him. They decide to use facial recognition to identify him. When they realize its him they send hunter team India to Athens to follow up. As all of this is going on they realize there is mosque nearby and put in a request for CCTV from the area. Meanwhile, Immad drops the cab money off in the mosque’s mailbox as they had arranged with the cab driver and jumps in car with Aarif and the student. They lay down in car until they pass gas station as to not be captured by cameras. Back at command center CCTV captures Immad in the parking lot of the Mosque so they send team India there in case Aarif and Immad are still in the mosque. The hunters talk to someone at mosque who said that they were there, but they left. That is where we leave this team for the week.

Stephen and English

Finally, we get back to the team we only got a little bit of last week. Command center is mapping out all known associates in the area and they decide to focus on English’s sister, Amber, who is vacationing in Charleston. It’s day 6 for Stephen and English and they are trying to hitch hike to Charleston to meet up with her sister. Eventually they find a young couple who agrees to help drive them to Charleston. While in the phone they use the stranger’s phone to call English’s sister who is very worried about them. Her sister tells them not to stay with her because hunters probably know about her since she knows they visited English’s parents with the kids at the vacation home. English tells Amber to get a burner phone so that they can have better contact without tipping off the hunters. They also tell her to post on Facebook to divert the hunters if possible. English is struggling because she is used to having plans and time to think and she realizes that is not possible when they are on the run. Meanwhile the command center finds out that English’s Facebook account posted about finding campgrounds in Alabama. They quickly figure out that Amber posted it for them and decide to try and shake something loose. One of the intelligence analysts Ben Owen video calls Amber. They start off with some easy questions about whether she knows about Stephen and English’s plans, but she denies knowing anything. She does volunteer that she hasn’t had any communication with them. Obviously, Owen does not believe her for one second. He then asks about the Facebook post and she denies knowing nothing about it. Owen really interrogates her and tries to make her crack, but she stands firm and says nothing. They know she is lying and decide to keep tabs on her.

That was all the information we got this week on Hunted. I still think David and Emiley are on track despite all of the close calls this week. David, as I have said before, is just way too smart and his instincts are fantastic. Lee and Hilmar are also great candidates to get the money. Of all of the teams this season to make it about two weeks in like this they are the only ones to not have a close call at all with the hunters. The hunters have done nothing but talk tough on them, but they are no closer to catching them than on day 1. As much as I love Aarif and Immad, I think they are going to be caught just before the end. They have had way too many close calls and I think they are going to make a mistake soon. As for Stephen and English, I think they will also be caught. Her personality is way too type A for this to work and she is going to break down at some point and make a really bad mistake. Their capture is imminent if you ask me. Overall another great episode in a solid first season for this new reality show. I hope the ratings are good, because I would love to see a Hunted season 2. Well until next week!

Hunted airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS