Hunted delivers once again with another thrilling episode that leaves you on the edge of your seat. We caught up with three of our on going teams and met our final team this week. Let’s get into it.

David and Emiley

Command center does not have much on David and Emily and are still following the calendar while trying to keep tabs on a growing circle of acquaintances. David and Emily have made it halfway through and its getting to them. David seems super antsy and paranoid. Command center goes back to David’s book which they looked at really early on to get a profile of him. This time they look at all acknowledgements to get more people to keep tabs on. David’s friend from law school, Holly, takes them to Vidalia, Georgia. Holly was in the acknowledgements of David’s book so her phone was being tracked. Command center notices her phone out of the way of her normal area of Atlanta and in Vidalia. So they call on hunter teams Echo and Foxtrot to head to that area. David and Emiley are dropped off with Holly’s aunt w takes them to Emiley’s friend’s car dealership where they get a car and will stay at her friend’s boss’s cabin. They are worried because the car will have their names on it though. The friend leads them to the cabin which is deep in the woods. David and Emiley then canvas around the lake near the cabin for escape routes and find one. That is where we leave off with them.

Aarif and Immad

We pick up with Aarif and Immad 14 days in as they are settled in the camper offered to them last episode. They feel they need money to stay on the move so they are going to kayak the lake they are staying on up to an ATM spot. They then plan to kayak back to where they started to throw off hunters. Back at command center cyber analyst Charles is going through Aarif’s computer. He finds kayaking in his search history and deduces that their plan involves water in some way. We then cut to Aarif and Immad who ditch the kayak early and walk along highway to ATM. Once there they figure out an exit strategy by asking guy to drive them to lake after ATM withdrawal. As they are drawing money command center gets the ATM hit. They send hunter team Golf to that area. Once they have their money they find out ther ride has to stop and get ice before heading out. Aarif and Immad impatiently wait outside of the car for the guy to get ice and help him carry it in. Back at command center CCTV helps them identify the red truck that they are in. Unfortunately the hunters pull up to ice place right after they leave and lose them. The guy drops Aarif and Immad off near the lake and they are good for now. Team Golf then decides to start canvassing the area because they feel their fugitives must not have gone far. Aaarif and Immad are kayaking back when they decide to stop at island to sleep after full day of kayaking. The next day they have to kayak back to campsite. Based off of search history the command center thinks the fugitives must be on the lake so they get a helicopter to look over their area. One half of team Golf goes in the helicopter while the other drives around. The helicopter spots a few people on the lake they think might be the fugitives, but it isn’t. Aarif and Immad make it back to the campsite, but they are worried that people will see them because they stick out and there are a lot of people out of their campers at that point. They make it back to their camper and start figuring out a plan. Team Golf is canvassing the exact campsite where they are and find a guy who thinks he saw the fugitives. Aarif realizes that the hunters have the last known pictures of them in which they have beards and Aaarif’s hair is in a bun. He decides that in order to throw them off he is going to shave all of it off and he does. This is where we leave them this week.

Sentra and Thu

After last week’s cliffhanger where the hunters were closing in on Sentra and Thu’s friend Rob’s house we get the conclusion to that story. The hunters interview Rob and he tries to divert them from getting into the house. The hunters eventually get into the house and look around. They search everywhere, including the attic and cannot find them. Meanwhile, Thu and Sentra head to a campsite miles away. Rob gives the hunters trouble and really tries not give them anything. Jacquie Bainer of hunter team Delta tries to grill him real hard and make him slip up. Rob eventually gives up the name of the coffee shop he met them at. From there the command center uses CCTV to find their car and get the license plate number. By now they are 14 days in and want to celebrate the halfway point. They idiotically decide to go to Taco Bell to get celebratory half way food. As they are driving to the Taco Bell cameras get live hits on their car. The command center send team Delta the locations they are getting hits on for the car. As the hunters are driving to the area we get a cliffhanger into commercial as they see a car that could be them as they are driving, but it ends up being a false alarm. The command center then says to look at lunch places nearby because its lunch time. The hunters start canvassing the mall while Sentra and Thu have someone get the food for them so that they are not caught on camera. As team Delta is canvassing the mall they spot a car that could be them and verify that it is them. They block the car in and knock the window, catching the two girls mid lunch. They are shocked and have no idea how they were found. It all came down to their idiotic decision to come back on the grid and stay driving the same car the whole time. That’s five teams down, four to go.

Stephen and English

We finally meet our last team and that is Stephen and English King. English works full time as a doctor and Stephen is stay at home dad. They tell us that they are a very normal suburban family with no special skills whatsoever. We learn that English is very detail oriented and controlling which could prove problematic down the road. English has her mother send random emails from her and Stephen’s accounts so that they can throw the hunters off their digital trail. They leave on foot and try to hitch hike their way out of where they are. After being notified of the new team command center sends hunter team Charlie to investigate last known location. It was an ice cream place they were visiting with their kids and the team interviews the parlor owner. The lady lets them look at cameras so the command center gets the clothes the fugitives were wearing plus the car they were driving. The command center then decides to locate the rental vacation property the family was staying at. They find it and send team Chralie to it. Once they get there one of the hunting team members interviews English’s mom while the other one looks around. English’s dad says they left on foot. From there we cut to English and Stephen who are at a strip mall trying find someone to give them a ride and nobody will give them one. The weather is awful and its gonna get worse. They end up running into a stranger who’s friend owns a construction place with sheds nearby. The guy calls his friend who lets them stay in one for the night so that they can be dry. All the while team Charlie is canvassing the area because they feel like they could not have gotten far.

This was another fun episode from Hunted and I am glad we have met all teams now. The only team we did not see this week was Lee and Hilmar and I think that bodes well for their chances. I still think David and Emiley will win the money even with the hunters right on their tale. They just seem too smart and able to think ahead. Most of the people who have been caught, have been caught because of stupid mistakes and David does not make those. As much as I like Aarif and Immad I think they will get caught. They are really smart and have some good strategy, but the hunters are just way too close to them at this point. As for the new team this week, Stephen and English, I really don’t see them getting far. They seem to all over the place and out of their element to finish this off. I could be eating my words in a few weeks, but if they do not adapt better then they are screwed. Cannot wait for next week’s episode now. Until next time!

Hunted airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS