After last week’s 2 hour action filled episode Hunted went back to its normal 1 hour time slot this week. We got new capture techniques, new evasion techniques and some tense standoffs. We continued following two teams from last week and met two more tonight. Let’s get hunting!

Lee and Hilmar

Lee and Hilmar have been doing well despite the mail incident from last week making them paranoid. They are about two weeks into their run when one of the hunters Griff realizes that Lee’s wife Beth butt dialed him and left a voice mail. They can’t make out the audio so they send it to command center to clean it up.Once the audio is cleaned up they catch something about “Chad and the van” and “slashing tires”. Griff calls Beth back and tries to rattle her. She says she didn’t butt dial him, but he mentions the slashing tires and she has no answer. They tag her phone and wait to see who she calls. Later on Hilmar and Lee decide to call Beth on their burner phone to her burner phone to see if they can get information. She tells about them about the butt dial and the call with Griff. They get scared, but as of this episode nothing comes of it.

Aarif and Immad

After a recap of last week’s event the two fugitives are spooked by the message they recieved and decide to call their contact Meadow for information. She puts them in contact with a woman named Linda who is not around when they first contact her. The command center uses link analysis to identify Jill’s farm so they send a hunter team there. The team goes there and interviews Jill who does not give anything up but seems nervous. The hunters are confident the fugitives were there. It is then revealed that they were already at the new safe house by then though. Linda and her husband discuss with Aarif and Immad what their next steps will be. Linda says that she and her husband own a camper and a kayak and are willing to drive them to a lake in the camper and let them use both for a couple of nights. That is where we leave these two.

Miles and Will

We then meet a pair of friends Miles Svoboda and Will Muzika. Their strategy is to create contacts through strangers so that they are constantly moving.  The command center quickly pinpoints beaches as a location they might go because the like to go out, have fun and meet girls as evidenced by their social media. They narrow down possible locations to Charleston and Myrtle Beach because Will is from South Carolina. Meanwhile the fugitives are in Charleston and they ask a stranger if they can stay with her and she says they can. The command center realizes that these are good looking guys who will most likely hit if off with girls and try use them as much as possible to hide. Cyber analyst Charles DeBarber devises a scheme which posts wanted posters of them on dating sites and sets the location for within 50 miles of Charleston and Athens. The poster says to swipe right if you have info. They also post this on their social medias as well.

Will and Miles manage to work their way down the coast for 15 days. They once again find another girl who will take them in, but just as they are settled the girl sees the wanted poster on social media. Her, her friend whose name is Ann and her friend’s sister debate turning them in for the reward because they don’t know them. They decide not to turn them in because they don’t want to be the people who ruin their chance. The next day Anna tries to help them find a way out of town. The command center gets a call about Will and Miles. Anna’s littlest sister called and gave them up. The command center gets Anna’s phone number and track her phone. Anna is driving them south, but its being tracked so its useless. The command center knows they were dropped off in Beaufort, South Carolina. Two hunter teams are sent to pursue them. Will and Miles eventually find refuge with some people who have a boat house. The hunters are walking around the downtown area of Beaufort asking people if they have seen the two, but get nowhere. They get two drones launched to try and get video while other team members decide to search the marina. Will and Miles stupidly stand on the outside of the boat instead of hiding and the drones catch them on video. They try to escape using a dinghy, but the hunter teams chase in a boat of their own which is much faster. They are caught when they exit onto a marina and try to outrun the hunters. Overall they had a great strategy and were just outwitted by the smart dating site scheme and a greedy passerby.

Sentra and Thu

The final team we meet is another pair of friends, Sentra Tran and Thu Tran. Sentra is a gamer and is confident in her strategy skills. The decide not to bring their phones and to use burners while writing everything down and using maps. When the command center gets notified of them as fugitives they pinpoint their shard Vietnamese heritage as possible starting point. The team uses an ATM and then pick up supplies. Command center picks up the ATM hit and sends out for burner phone register within five mile radius. This means they will get a list of every phone bought at every store in that area.

Sentra and Thu stay on the move and use a borrowed car. By day 5 they sleep in car near a church. The decide to contact a friend of Thu’s and plan to meet him in Jacksonville, but they stop and get gas first and use the ATM again. They are nervous about this, but try to get out as quickly as possible. Command center gets another hit on the ATM usage and their location. They look at the video but front license plates are not needed in that state and they pull in and back out so that the plate is not visible. So the hunters only have the make and model of car and a location, but nothing else. They then get a hit on the burner phone register. They find the phone Sentra and Thu purchased and then they find out that phone contacted her friend, Rob. They send a team to the address of her friend to interview him. We are left with a cliffhanger as the hunter team surrounds the house in case the interview flushes the team out.

Hunted once again puts out another solid episode. Of the teams we were shown tonight I think both Hilmar and Lee as well as Aarif and Immad have a pretty good chance at the money. Hilmar and Lee’s downfall very may well be Lee’s wife though as the hunter teams are putting a lot of pressure on her. One mistake by her and that could be it for them. We did not see David and Emiley this week, but I still feel like they have a good chance to win. As for Sentra and Thu, I feel like they are being too careless with their ATM transactions and I think their carelessness could cost them. I feel pretty bad for Will and Miles because they had a good strategy and were really doing well. They technically did nothing wrong and still got caught which sucks. We still have not met one of the teams so hopefully we will meet them next week. Hopefully they can keep this fun tone going and hopefully some teams will actually win. That would put a real damper on the season as a whole for me. Four teams have been caught so far and we have five teams left with four weeks left to go. We will see what happens. Until next time!

Hunted airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS