One of the most anticipated movies for this upcoming year is Disney’s live action adaptation of its hit movie Beauty and the Beast. Directed by musical veteran Bill Condon and starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson among others this movie tells the classic tale of a man turned into a beast who will only be turned back if he can find true love. During last night’s episode of The Bachelor on ABC Disney debuted the final trailer for this highly anticipated movie.

Let me start off by saying I loved this trailer. It gave you everything you could want and more. It gave us an idea of the story to expect and a look at some of the main characters. It even gave us a quick look at what are sure to be some of the most anticipated scenes in the entire movie. Emma Watson looks like a perfect Belle and honestly I cannot think of anyone better to play her. As for the other live action characters Luke Evans looks like the he will be the living embodiment of Gaston. His scene talking to himself in the mirror at the beginning of this trailer is just amazing. Josh Gad also looks like he will play the part of LeFou perfectly.

Now some people are complaining about the CGI and character design in these trailers. Many people hate the Beast because it does not look like the cartoon and they say it looks way too animal like. To me the Beast looks amazing and is the best I could hope for. He is towering and feral while also seeming to be gentle and kind. I have faith Dan Stevens will play him to perfection. Many people also say that the CGI versions of the many pieces of furniture just looks off. Honestly I do not see how they could make it any better. Plus when you have a talented cast like Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Audra McDonald, Stanley Tucci and Gugu Mbatha-Raw voicing them what could go wrong?

What added another dimension to this trailer was the music. They score in the beginning parts of this trailer just set the mood perfectly. When the timeless notes of the title song started playing and you hear Ariana Grande and John Legend singing the song, you cannot help but get a little emotional. The music and soundtrack for this movie are going to be amazing.

There is no doubt that Disney has another huge hit on their hands and I for one cannot wait to see it. Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17, 2017 and you can find the trailer at the Movieclips Youtube page here.